Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inlight and what are its benefits?

Inlight is Intertek’s Intellectual Property web-based Global Supply-Chain Risk Management tool. Inlight Registration provides the Applicant with an opportunity to be under Selective Intervention for Testing thereby considerably reducing the cost and Turn-Around-Time for their consignment certifications.

Is the SFDA Food Consignment Certification Programme, mandatory for all the products?

The SFDA Food Consignment Certification Programme is mandatory for food products from Mandated Countries of Supply. For other countries exporting to KSA, the Programme remains voluntary but highly recommended.

What are the benefits to Exporters who undergo the SFDA Food Consignment Certification Programme?

The Food Consignments certified under the SFDA Food Consignment Certification Programme will be eligible for a quicker Custom Clearance at KSA Ports and Borders. Food consignments exported to KSA without undergoing certification under this programme may be invariably subject to Customs Inspection and Testing leading to possible rejection of goods if found to be non-compliant.

What are the Food Products that require a Halal Slaughter Certificate/Halal Certificate for their clearance at Saudi Customs upon its arrival at Saudi Ports/Borders?

Slaughtered Animal products require original Halal slaughter certificate and other processed meat products require a copy of the Halal certificate but not necessarily a Halal slaughter certificate.

Who are the approved Halal Certification Bodies that can issue the SFDA recognised Halal Slaughter Certificates?

The Halal slaughter certificate shall be issued by the Certification Bodies that are accredited to GSO 2055-2 by Accreditation Bodies that are full members of IHAF (International Halal Accreditation Forum). The scope of accreditation shall cover the product being certified. For the List of the Accreditation Bodies that are full members to IHAF, visit here.

Is container sealing mandatory for all consignment certification under the SFDA FCCP?

Container sealing is mandatory for FCL shipments. For LCL shipments, container sealing is not mandatory.

What is Product Registration Number?

Food products should be registered with SFDA prior to exporting them to KSA. The Registration of Food products is usually done by the importer in KSA. Registered Food products are provided with a unique Product Registration Number by SFDA in the format “X-X-X-DDMMYY-XXXXX”.

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