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How Do I Get a Certificate?

Food Consignment Certification involves conformity assessment activities such as document evaluation, Inlight registration (Supply Chain Verification, if applicable), inspection, sampling & testing (if applicable), supervision of container loading and container sealing etc. Exporters have the option of choosing either the Inlight Route or the Direct Route for the certification of their food consignments to KSA.

Inlight Food Consignment Certification Route

The Inlight Route (Registered in Inlight) is ideal for frequent and high-volume Exporters. Inlight registration requires Supply Chain Risk assessment, scoring and categorization. Qualified Exporters in Inlight can obtain CoC by undergoing selective testing of their food consignments.

Inlight registration is an enabler for Exporters to avail fast-track certification for their consignment at the Countries of Supply. Intertek’s Intellectual Property web-based platform “Inlight” enables Supply Chain Risk Assessment and registration of the Applicant and the Applicant’s supply chain. Based on the Risk Assessment, the Exporter is profiled as a Critical Risk, High Risk, Medium or Low Risk Exporter. The Applicant will be subject to selective testing intervention based on Exporter’s risk categorization, which can significantly reduce the cost and turn-around-time of the consignment certification.

Refer to the below schematic diagram for the summary of the registration and consignment certification process through the Inlight Route.

Direct Food Consignment Certification Route

The Direct Route (Not Registered in Inlight) is suitable for infrequent and low-volume Exporters. The Direct Route requires Exporters to undergo testing for their food consignment certification requests in order to obtain the CoC. Exporters cannot avail the option of selective testing of food consignments as applicable to Inlight Exporters.

Refer to the below schematic diagram for the summary of the Direct Route certification process.

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