Shipment Compliance

Do I Need a Certificate

Food consignments from certain Countries of Supply require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) demonstrating compliance to SFDA requirements for its clearance at the Saudi Customs upon its arrival at KSA Ports and Borders. To obtain this CoC, Food consignments will be subject to documentary review, Inspection and Product testing at the Countries of Supply. The inspected containers will be sealed, if applicable.

Exporters and Importers will need to ensure that Food products for the Saudi Arabia market are fully compliant with Saudi Food laws and regulations for safety and suitability.

The objective of the programme is to provide safe food products to consumers as well as fast and direct Customs clearance of imported Food consignments at KSA Ports and Borders when presented with a CoC.

Full details of how Exporters can meet the requirements of the SFDA Food Consignment Certification Programme is detailed in our Exporter and Importer Guidelines.

It is a mandatory requirement to obtain a CoC from an approved Certification Body (CB) such as Intertek, for regulated Food consignments from mandated Countries of Supply. For other non-mandated Countries of Supply, the CoC can be obtained from the approved CB on a voluntary basis. Obtaining a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for the Food Product Consignments prior to exporting to KSA, is highly recommended to clear the shipment at KSA Ports and Borders. Exporters will benefit from a fast track clearance from KSA Customs and thereby expediting the placement of the Food products in the KSA marketplace.

Regulated Products List, Exempted, Prohibited and Restricted Products under the SFDA FCCP

The Regulated Products List, List of Countries of Supply and Exempted, Prohibited and Restricted Products are continuously reviewed and updated by SFDA.

Registration with Saudi Arabia Authorities

  • Both the Importer and the Exporter must be registered with SFDA.
  • The Food Products imported into KSA must be registered with SFDA and must have a Product Registration Number.

Note: Product Registration Number is currently not mandated for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Laws, Regulations and Standards

The Food Product must meet the relevant SFDA Technical Regulations, SFDA.FD/GSO Standards and other statutory requirements.

Marking and Labelling Requirements

  • Marking and Labelling information shall be in Arabic language as a minimum.
  • Marking and Labeling must comply with the standard: SFDA.FD/GSO 9 – Labelling of Pre-packaged Food Stuffs.
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